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Importance Of A Good Body Repair Service in Arizona

Auto collision repair is when trained auto technicians repair the damaged parts and bodies of cars and other vehicles damaged by accident, weather conditions, or other incidents. Collision repair can include dent removal, scratch removal, automatic glass replacement, paint matching, bent metal straightening, door or panel replacement, automotive detailing, and more. Many technicians also work directly with insurers to ensure all work is covered.

Ideally, your chosen mechanic can repair your car as he did before the damage when you drop in for a Bodyshop. In some cases, they can provide additional details to keep it looking as good as new. Detailing can include minor scratches, repainFing, waxing, polishing, interior repairs, and other minor jobs that update and improve the car. When most people come for collision repair, they look for more elaborate work. Car accidents can result in anything from minor dents to destroyed cars. Many different things can go wrong in a collision - broken windshields, bent frames, broken axles, cracked bumpers, and more.

Should you use the repair shop recommended by your insurance company?

No, you do not need to use the repair shop recommended by the insurance company. Your auto accident recovery law allows you to choose a repair shop of your choice to repair collision damage.

Auto repairs are frustrating, but when those repairs are the result of someone else not watching where they are going, it becomes all the more frustrating. Especially when a car accident can cost you thousands of dollars in vehicle damage. When this happens, most people turn to their own auto insurance company for help.

Insurance companies often use "contracted" doctors to conduct so-called "independent medical examinations" (or IMEs) to reduce insurance benefits for their policyholders. These doctors sometimes make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and find nothing wrong with people so that the auto insurance company can save money by not paying for the services their customers need. These doctors are good at keeping insurers' profits intact, but not very good for customers.

Likewise, many car accident victims find that somebody shops are so indebted to certain insurers that repairs are driven by what's good for the bottom line and maintenance costs, but not by what's right for them: your customers.

These repair shops will try to control costs by using cheap or inferior parts to keep insurance costs down. Claims adjusters encourage clients to use these offices, giving these offices a steady stream of business.

Body Shop Selection

You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the crash shop of your choice. It is illegal for an insurance company to instruct, coerce, demand, or pressure you to use a particular store. You should never take your vehicle to a repair shop solely on the advice of an insurance company. Not even if it is your insurance. We recommend that you go to the repair shop, come face to face with the store manager, and make sure he understands that they are working for you and not the insurance company.

Make sure that the workshop has the correct equipment, the technicians are properly trained, that the workshop offers a minimum of 5 years warranty on all work performed, including painting, and that the workshop keeps you informed of the progress of the work. Processing. repairs. You should be kept informed of the progress of your vehicle repair every step of the way, including any incidental damage found or issues arising with the insurance company.

The importance of a good body repair service

Getting collision repair is necessary after a collision or car accident. Any driver can be involved in a car accident sooner or later; the only question is when this will happen. If you are involved in a collision with a car, AZ Collision will inform you that the quality of the repair your car receives can have a major impact on its value. We list the categories that will be affected if you have received bad auto repair service:

The aesthetic value of your car may decrease

The exterior is what other people first see when they look at your car. If you're planning to sell your car, any buyer would be happy to pay less if they find that your car's bodywork is ugly. A good repair shop can make your car look like it wasn't just a car accident. That kind of perfect build is what gives that great first impression.

Your vehicle's structural integrity is compromised

Getting a bad body shell can work against your car. A potential buyer will not see this at first, but after taking a test drive, the result of the bad repair can be felt. You'll get into even more trouble if you don't let them know about these issues. Not only will you lose a potential buyer, but you could also find yourself in a nasty claim situation.

Your car's aerodynamic efficiency will suffer

All vehicles are built to be highly aerodynamic. The cars are designed and every detail such as engine, transmission, suspension, and wheels has been considered to help the car glide through the air. When a car is not properly maintained, it hurts the fuel consumption of the car.

Problems with auto parts

Remember that most people who want to buy a car have done their homework and researched everything about the car they are looking for. Once they see that your car has just been assembled with scrap parts, you immediately lose your credibility.

Receiving top-notch body and repair service is crucial. If you live in Arizona or adjacent counties, head to AZ Collision for a quality, reliable body repair service.

AZ Collision is a full-service collision repair shop that has been named one of the best collision repair shops in Arizona. We offer a lifetime warranty on all work as long as you own the vehicle. We pride ourselves on customer service, honesty, and integrity and it shows that over 80% of all our businesses are referred or repeat customers.

Why choose US Collision?

We work with all insurance companies to provide the fastest, highest-quality repairs in the industry. We also work on all makes and models of cars. Our goal is to have completely satisfied customers who exceed all expectations. This is your vehicle, you have the right to be involved in the repair process. You are also entitled to repair in the store of your choice!